Tassos Samourakis

The Beginning
The beginning of a long journey in the industry of Jewelry started in 1977 by Kostas Samourakis at the beautiful island of Rhodes.
Kostas Samourakis from his young age discovered his love for quality jewelry and his talent in creating quality Jewelry, so at the age of 25 he opened his first Jewelry and started creating and selling unique Jewerly made from gold and silver.


The New Generation
The already successful journey of the business wanted to be continued from his son, Tasos Samourakis who from the age of 12 years old showed his passion and love for handmade Jewelry.
All those years Tasos Samourakis worked next to his father and was taught the secrets and the art of creating gold and silver handmade jewelry.
So the year 1999 at the age of 20 Tasos Samourakis oped his own jewelry and the second of The Samourakis family which he still runs until today.


The Future
The tradition, the technical knowhow and the experience on jewelry are three of the characteristics we want to preserve and improve within time.
Our goals are always to give our clients the best service on Handmade Greek jewelry.